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Monday, June 15, 2009

June 15, 2009--220.5 (-1 in June)

Always a different angle. Maybe I need to look at this weight loss thing month-to-month. Just losing a little every month is all anyone needs to do and it sure breaks things into manageable segments. If I had lost 1 pound per month since starting the original weight loss blog, today's weight would be 185 pounds. Last year at the time I would have been under 200. Both of those would be far better than the reality of my life for the last 12-24 months.

I'd naturally prefer to lose more than 1 pound per month, but maybe where most of us fail is that we want a relatively quick fix for a problem that has been long in the making. We want a body remake and recalibration when our internal system has been geared by years of messages saying "I'm eating more than needed so that tells you to store more than needed".

So what would be a good number for weight to lose per month. Most people would be disappointed at "only" losing 5 pounds per month. That seems so small compared to the promises we hear advertised by products and people who claim to have the answers about losing weight. I'd love to be here at less than 200 pounds because of a 5 pound per month weight loss starting in January, 2009. That would be great, but instead I've sputtered around, trying this and that, making big plans and achieving none. Maybe small plans are what I need--and in reality, losing 5 pounds in a month AND KEEPING IT OFF is not a small plan.

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