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Friday, June 19, 2009

June 19, 2009--221.5 (-0 pounds in June)

This was an early weigh-in since Friday is the day I walk with Boty. One of us got our signals crossed up and he didn't show up. I walked two on my own, a triumph over what I've done in the past when I would go back home and nap for 30 extra minutes.

Speaking of naps, I didn't need one yesterday or the day before. The key word is need. When I come home from work and immediately take a nap, it's because there's no way for me to function that evening until a normal bedtime. It's an abnormal fatigue that may be a symtom of something abnormal. I've been sleeping better so maybe that's been the bulk of the problem, the inability to sleep at night. This weekend will be dedicated to getting plenty of rest and then we'll see if the fatigue problem lingers on into next week.

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