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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 2, 2009--219 Pounds (4.5 pounds lost)

(Note to Todd: I forgot to respond to your recent comment. Keep hanging in there on the effort even if you are switching to some other plan. The good news is that so many plans to lose weight actually will work. The bad news is that they only work when we stick to the plan, a difficult thing to do with all the temptations of our modern society so close at hand.)

June has started out well. My snack tub at work that has been stocked with crackers and cereal bars in the past, is now stocked with apples. I'm out of diet drinks at the house and there's just a one day supply left at work. The freezer at work now has several boxes of Smart Meals instead of Hot Pockets. I even have strawberries in the work refrigerator to snack on when I feel the need to get a bite.

Eating healthy isn't my preferred choice of foods. Fortunately, I do like a lot of healthy foods so it's not a miserable experience to eat healthy. There's just a lot of retraining that needs to go on in my head so that I'll bypass the impulse to buy the highly processed, calorie dense items. More fruits and vegetables is a plan that I can live with and it really takes little extra time over what I'm doing now.

I need another good day today before the double whammy of Wednesday night with the guys and then a birthday party at work Thursday. I can attend both of those events and participate responsibly without blowing the diet. That would be a nice change from how I behaved during the end of May.

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  1. 224.6 but no thanks to any dieting. Just some water loss from the weekend binge. I'm eyeing a game called Wii Active. It's an interesting concept. My very first weight loss regimen had to do with workout videos and it's a similar concept except now you can actually interact. It's like we've been preaching, most every fad you fish out for dieting/excercise can work it's all about hooking commitment. Let's see what this one does.