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Monday, June 22, 2009

June 22, 2009--220 pounds (-1.5 in June)

On the big blog today there is something about living a quality life. My life is a quality life. There would be more quality with less weight. Some of that would simply be feeling better about myself, most of it would be about feeling better physically.

I plant lots of seeds on this blog, plans that are designed to grow into big achievements. Rarely does anything get much past the surface before it dies of neglect. Today, with no big hoopla or lofty goals, I plant a new seed of quiet determination. It's time for me to turn this thing around. It really comes back to the most basis plan I've talked about, the one that anyone should be able to follow with no pain and almost a certainty of losing weight: (1) Eat when you are hungry; (2) Don't eat until you are hungry; (3) When you eat, only eat half of what you think you need.

There could be a lot of sub-rules about eating better quality food, no candy, chew 20 times before you swallow, exercise every day, put your fork or spoon down between every bite--the list could go on forever and there are extra things that I will do. However, the key to losing weight ultimately comes down to eating more for need instead of for gluttonous pleasure, and not overeating just because plenty of food is available. Do that and the body will gladly return to a weight that makes day-to-day living easier.

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