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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June 9, 2009--220.5 Pounds (3 pounds lost)

I saw this article yesterday about "Simple Ways to Slim Down (Without Really Trying)". I'm always leery of short stories with big promises. In this case, a lot of what it says are things that would make a difference in my life since it is primarily talking about better food choices and more moderation. My focus has always been on how many calories I eat, thinking that 2,000 calories of processed foods is the same as 2,000 calories of more natural foods. It isn't.

There's a lot in the above article that needs to be incorporated in my life. Like everything else I've tried in my dieting, these changes do sound simple when you read them in a Yahoo article. That doesn't make them simple in reality, but I'm going to make an effort to get back to more fruits and vegetables in my diet. It sure can't hurt.

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