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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

225 and a Trip to the Doctor's Office

The scale showed 225 this morning, a result of many things including the overeating that took place on the trip to Dallas. Not that the Dallas trip did too much damage since the lack of exercise and the lack of dieting already had me close to 225 pounds.

This morning I was at the doctor's office to get the results of some blood work. Three months ago during my annual physical the blood work numbers were pretty good. The triglycerides were normal, the cholesterol were well below 200, and the bad cholesterol were at 106. Ahh, but new studies show that the bad needs to be below 100 so my doctor bumped me up to Vytorin 10/40 instead of the Vytorin 10/20 that was working so well.

In theory things should have been better this time. They weren't. The cholesterol was about the same, the triglycerides were too high. What has changed the most since 3 months ago is the walking, or lack of walking. Remember how we were walking so frequently at work, and then I'd add some miles at home? That all went out the window with the summer heat.

Now they want me to try Crestor. What they need to tell me is to lose some of the lard and get moving more. That's what I need the most, but I'm sure they have found that most people don't want to hear that, hoping instead for a solution in pill form. That's what I've been counting on and it's fool's gold. Not completely since it does get the numbers down, but I need to get back to healthy on my on and let the pills take care of that stubborn little bit that exercise might not conquer.

I have 6 weeks before my next checkup. I'd like to be at 210 or less by then and that means going back to the dedication shown at the beginning of this whole process. It can be done.

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