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Sunday, July 12, 2009

July 12, 2009--219.5 Pounds

Food today: pineapple(320)--soup(260)--popcorn(250)--rice(600) = 1,430 calories

In the past I've focused on the weight each day. That's odd because my daily body weight isn't something I can control. My daily intake of food and my daily amount of exercise are things I can control, not my weight. It's very possible that a week from now I'll have no weight loss at all as the result of 4 good days of dieting. That's discouraging if my focus is on my weight, BUT it's encouraging if my focus is on having good days of dieting and exercise.

TRUST IN THE PROCESS, that seems to be the key to dieting. Obviously sticking with the process is what makes a diet successful, but the tricky part is finding a way to stick with a diet during the ebb and flow of weight loss. One has to trust that continuing to pile up day after day of good decisions and actions will get the job done. It won't be as fast as we would like, it won't be a straight line of weight loss decent, but the results will come if a person trusts the process and sticks with the plan.

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