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Saturday, July 18, 2009

July 18, 2009--221.5 Pounds

Food today: No food list today. I'll be at the family reunion and knowing the number of calories consumed would be impossible. Not that I'm planning to consume a lot, but it's just that portions and exact calories will be impossible to figure out. Here's something I added to the July 17th post this morning about last night, and it's something that needs to be remembered for the next 12-16 hours:

"I was fighting the urge to "splurge" last night because it was the start of the weekend. We're talking about getting a regular Pepsi at the laundromat because the machine didn't have any diet drinks. Also, a real craving to get a frozen pizza at the store for supper last night. Once I quelled the pizza craving, there were then the compromise arguments of at least getting a Milky Way.

To say that eating less is always a struggle is going too far. It's more of a constant need to keep one's guard up. Small infractions are the start of major transgressions. Here's the key to it all--I'm writing this Saturday morning and there would be no pleasure left today if I had gone for the Pepsi, pizza and Milky Way yesterday. Those pleasure are so very short term and the cumulative effect of all those little leaks in the diet are very real and very long term."

Here's a big point to remember about today's reunion: I can have a lot of fun without eating a lot of food!!! We are somewhat trained to think the opposite. There's a connection between fun and food, especially at gatherings like a family reunion, and one has to work hard to keep from being drawn into that trap when so much good food is so available.

In a way it will be hard to turn down all of the goodies, and in a way it will be as simple as the "Just say no" advice that is rarely so simple. The bottom line is that when I'm typing at my PC 24 hours from now, I'll feel the same at that point regardless of whether I consumed 2,000 calories or 5,000 calories at the reunion. The pleasure of the food will be gone. The big question is will my work on losing weight have a 3-5 day setback, right at the time when my body has to be close to dropping off of this plateau to a lower set point?

I have to focus and have a great day of dieting.

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