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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July 29, 2009 -- 221.5 Pounds

Food today (as if I'm going to really keep up the list all day):


My high school class has a reunion this weekend to mark the 40 years since our graduation. It seems like there was a time months ago when I tried to pump myself up to lose weight for a trio of summer events: my 4th of July trip to Dallas, the Strong Family Reunion, and this 40th high school reunion. In each case I would be seeing mostly folks who hadn't seen me for almost at year or even longer, people who would remember me as a person who easily fit into the overweight category.

This triple motivation obviously didn't work. It's hard to believe that I'll come up with a better slate of events to push me towards weight loss, so let's presume that losing weight for others isn't going to be the key to losing weight. Actually, it might be more accurate to say that losing weight for future events isn't going to be the key.

While walking yesterday, it occurred to me that my life is mostly lived in a one month bell curve, maybe more like a two week bell curve. Things that are happening today and tomorrow are very important and they are at the top of the curve. Things happening in the future are still on on the chart if they are coming up in the next week or so, but anything that's very far off (like 2 weeks or more) hardly registers on my radar. I just can't think that far ahead. Likewise, yesterday's events might still register somewhat in my memory, but things for last week or two weeks ago are almost down to the bottom line of the graph. I have very little focus on anything that isn't near the present--I think that's why it is hard to see the big picture on weight loss. Changing my weight is a big plus for the "distant" future, but it has little to do with today or even next week. It's not really something that motivates me much towards action.

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