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Thursday, July 9, 2009

July 9, 2009--224.5 Pounds

Food today: H&C hot pocket (260)--morning vitamins--yogurt(100)--pasta and meatballs (440)--yogurt(100)--afternoon vitamins--yogurt(100)--ice cream cone*(500) = 1,500 calories

Getting back to basics means getting back to the food journal. Deep down, I think my rebellion about doing the food list is that it calls for too much honesty, accountability and discipline. How else can I explain the strong reluctance I have for doing something that is so simple and yet works so well?

*The ice cream is part of a walk/reward program that I've started. The Millsaps baseball team gave me a gift certificate to Sal and Mookie's restuarant. I'm using that gift for ice cream cones but only after I've walked for at least an hour. That can't be too bad for me to get ice cream after walking about 4 miles.

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