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Saturday, August 15, 2009

August 15, 2009 -- 223 Pounds

Not much has changed since my last post except that I ate up all the hot pockets and am determined to go mostly with fruits and vegetables in the future. I need a change, and I really do like fruits and a handful of the basic vegetables, so this is a more logical thing to try than something like Adkins (am I spelling that right?).

Up at work right now trying to find a virus on a co-worker's computer. At least I think it's a virus. The CPU time showing in the task master table acts like there's a hidden process running. Whatever it is, the computer often becomes painfully slow and things like virus checkers take forever to run. Considering the cost of the time spent working on his computer, and the low cost of computer, buying him a new PC is the smart thing to do. The problem is that this comes off the bottom line, plus if he has a virus it might simply be moved to his new computer when we are copying data.

Anyway, I'm up at work despite having a thousand things to do this weekend. I hate these computer viruses and all the bums who create them.

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