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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

August 18, 2009 -- 222 Pounds

This last weekend was suppose to be the one where I switched over to fruits and vegetables. That didn't happen. The Belhaven photo job, plus the fact that the landlord needed to show the duplex to an appraiser Monday morning made for a very hectic weekend. Trying to do months, or would that be years worth of cleaning over a weekend while also working is a tiring thing and I grabbed convenient and comforting food whenever it was available. And still I stayed at 222.

While this 222 setpoint can be great after a bad weekend, it isn't where I want to be and it has been ironclad for a long time now. The idea of focusing on 215 instead of 175 or even 190 is a good one. I'll never get below 200 pounds if I can't get to 215.

It's 6:06 now. I'm copying my Belhaven photos to a memory stick so I can put them on the external hard drive at work. Then it's a stop at Kroger to buy food that's different from the past. That means NO HOT POCKETS. It's painful to even type that, but it seems like pain is what will be needed to break free from 222.

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