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Monday, August 3, 2009

August 3, 2009--224 Pounds

Got through the reunion and all the other events of July without too much damage. Now I need to turn more of my focus to myself.

I guess one of the silver linings of always being the fat kid during early schooling is that you can be fat at the 40th reunion and people think you look great. In all honesty, I probably do look better in regards to weight than I did as a 17 year old high school senior. That doesn't change the fact that my weight is now considered obese, and my feeling is definitely one of feeling uncomfortably overweight.

The reunion didn't get me all pumped up about getting in shape and impressing everyone for the 45th reunion. Somehow the motivational effort of "impressing everyone" never has been very strong for me. The reunion did put me in a room full of my age group peers and it clearly pointed out that people in their late 50's fit a wide range of the health scale. Some have fallen apart and some still look great. I'm in the middle, but need to move towards the looking great/feeling great end of the scale.

I want to try going through this week without the food journal. In the past that has always been my favorite mode of cheating. Doing away with accountability is rarely a good thing. What I would prefer is to simply get into the habit of making the right choices. When a person falls into the obese category, the right choice is to pass on free food brought to the office no matter how delicious it looks. The right choice is one hot pocket, not two--maybe hot pockets aren't the right choice but let's not expect a miracle. The right choice is to avoid all candy. The right choice is to get out and walk even if it is only 1-2 miles. The right choice is yogurt or fruit for a snack and not crackers. The right choice is to stretch and do a few exercises, at least get my foot back in the water on these things.

There are other right choices I need to make. One is to cut back on the photography. Even if that means going from overly obsessive to mildly obsessive, I need to take back some of that time for other things in life. The same is true about the blogging. I'm going to work on writing less, not that this post is any proof of that, but mostly writing less on the Slice of Frank blog. What I write here is just thinking without much structure. Over on the Slice blog it is often work like I'm turning in a paper for an English class. It take more time than it should.

So it's now 4:40 and I'll go take a little nap before the alarm goes off at 5:25. Today needs to be the start of doing a better job of taking care of me, and doing a better job of restoring some balance in my life. Not a life changing restructuring, just some tweaking in the right direction. Somewhat like turning a barge around and getting it moving in a different direction. I can do better for myself and I will.

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