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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August 4, 2009--221.5 Pounds

Yesterday was exactly what I wish my diet was like everyday because it was really a non-diet day. It was a day without the food journal or any special plans other than making the right choices as situations occurred throughout the day. This is exactly what I would like to see regarding my eating, weight loss effort, and all the other areas of my life--string together a lot of right choices throughout the day, and then string together a lot of days, weeks, and months of consistently making the right choice, and the end result would be astounding.

Because those choices were the same ones that I often make, I can tell you the calorie total: 360 before lunch, 680 at lunch, 100 during the afternoon break, and 700 at night. That adds up to 1,840 calories. The good choices were most evident in not piling on extra food to a routine that is designed to stay under 2,000 calories. While I wish cutting back on food alone could produce a 2.5 pound daily weight loss, most of the good results yesterday came from walking over an hour after work. To make that walk even more effective, there was no ice cream at the end because Sal and Mookie's is closed on Mondays.

There was one other big thing about yesterday. I wrote a letter to my doctor to cancel my blood work scheduled for later in the month. They recently switched me over to Crestor on my cholesterol medicine to get my very good test results down just a little lower. After two weeks I went back to the Vytorin. I felt like crap the whole time I was taking the Crestor and that feeling went away after switching back to Vytorin. So part of the reason for cancelling the blood test is because I quit taking the Crestor.

The other reason for cancelling the test--aside from the fact that I really hate needles, drawing blood, and going to the doctor's office--is because a different medicine is not the answer to getting my numbers down just a little lower. What I need is less body weight, more exercise, and better food choices. My health should come primarily from me leading a healthy life and then using a light dosage of medicine to give me a little bit of a safety net. It should not be higher and higher doses or switching to other medicines in an attempt to completely cover my lazy ass. That is fool's gold to think that my good health responsibilities can be covered by a daily pill.

So Monday I strung together one day of good decisions. Today I need to do the same which will start me on a string of good days. This needs to continue until next Monday when I can get started on stringing together some good weeks. Follow this plan and the results at the end of the year really will be astounding and something achieved with no pain and no real sacrifice.

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