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Friday, August 7, 2009

August 7, 2009--221.5 Pounds

Not a surprise on the weight today. There's the issue of the Wendy's meal last night ( picked up supper for Mother and me and ate at her house) and then my weigh-in was very early because today is the day I walk with Boty. He just called and had to cancel on the walking so I have a choice to make. I'm up at 4:30 and it's unlikely that much sleep would follow if I return to bed. Should I walk now in the dark, a bird in the hand situation where I'll definitely get a walk in today, or should my walk come this afternoon when I can see things and take photos.

My gut feeling is that my first action when getting off work today will be to come home and take a nap. That makes the idea of a 60 minute walk this evening far less likely. So, I'll close here and see what Fondren in the dark looks like.

Update: I have 50 minutes of walking in the bag today. That really needs to be all I do today in order to have enough left over for walking twice this weekend. It's not about energy or stamina, it's about how much I'm willing to endure with my hip. I have discomfort every day from that hip, an annoyance that is accepted as part of daily life. Walking once doesn't change things much. Walking two days in a row usually isn't too bad. Walking three days in a row will be problematic. Walking four times in three days is just asking for trouble.

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