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Saturday, September 12, 2009

September 12, 2009--222.5 Pounds

Discontinuing posts to the "Slice of Frank's Life" blog might have the silver lining of allowing me to focus much more on the task of losing weight. It will help if my thoughts throughout the day and my writings are centered around ways of losing this strait jacket that I've been wearing for years.

I have some thoughts for this morning that will have to wait. I'm up early because Mother is going on a day tour to Holly Springs for the Hummingbird Festival--almost too late in the year for Hummingbirds except that this might be the weekend where they focus mostly on tanking up for their big flight across the Gulf of Mexico. Anyway, I need to pick her up in 10 minutes to take her to the departure point, so this will be continued in an hour or so.....

.....back from dropping off Mother and making a trip to the grocery store. While driving around I had some new thoughts about dieting, ones that I will use today instead of what was originally planned.

There's been talk over the last few years trying to paint obesity as a "disease". I've rejected this idea for two reasons. First, go back 100 years and obesity was hardly a problem in America--did all of us get infected with something since then that caused half of us to balloon up? And second, this calling it a disease seemed like another example of allowing people to shirk responsibility for their action, a very popular thing to do in the modern world.

Is obesity a disease? Maybe yes and maybe no, but it seems like the best way to deal with it is to treat it like a disease. That's something I've never considered. Suppose you have some sort of heart disease. The doctor's going to tell you to change your diet, get some exercise, make some changes in your lifestyle, etc. The doctor will also tell you that failure to make these changes will quite possibly lead to a shorter life, a lower quality of life, higher medical bills in the future, etc. Couldn't we plug in "obesity" for "heart disease" and it would be exactly the same?

So maybe I need to look at obesity as a disease. Carrying around 40-50 extra pounds certainly makes my life more difficult. Studies show that it makes me more likely to have other health problems. Studies show that it's likely that obesity will cut years from my life. For all practical purposes, I have an illness that has slowed me down for years without me or anyone else finding the cure. It seems like now would be a good time to work on finding a cure.

I'll write more on this in the future I'm sure. For now, I need to get back in bed and rest--after all, I'm sick. Also, I have a long day today and a little more sleep would be very nice before editing some photos, going to the Belhaven at Millsaps football game, checking the warehouse for Fred who is out of town, picking up Mother from her trip, and then returning home to edit photos. A nap to prepare for this is definitely needed.

OH--one last thing before I go. Alan, I hate to tell you this but from the symptoms you described (saying you need to lose 30+ pounds), it appears that you are also sick. Isn't it about time that we both started working on treatment? I started today with bananas and yogurt for breakfast, far healthier than a sausage biscuit for breakfast and amazingly tasty.

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  1. Frank, before I left New Orleans I went for a routine checkup--darn doctor said I crossed the line from being overweight to being obese. Slightly so, but he still said, OBESE.
    Anyway, you're right about starting on a treatment. I joined a neighborhood health club just this morning and enjoyed an hour on an eliptical machine--I guess the key is get my money's worth from my membership and go more than just a day or two a week--make it habit.