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Monday, September 14, 2009

September 14, 2009--224 Pounds

A deserved weigh-in this morning. A poor last 36 hours. Started with picking up Mother from her day trip Saturday evening and asking if she wanted to get supper at Wendy's. Of course she did and I ended up getting a combo. When dining in with Mother, you know she is going to take her time eating so it becomes an excuse for me to get a bigger meal, know that I have to have something to occupy my time.

Then Sunday was soccer photos and NFL football. Started editing photos in the morning, then listened to 3 time slots of NFL games before finishing right before Jay Cutler threw his 4 TD--is it any wonder that Denver actually had looked at bringing in another QB last year. That was the event that led to his temper tantrum and eventually his trade to Chicago. Good luck Bears with your newest questionable quarterback.

With all the photo editing, there would have been no time to write a blog post. That in itself is a good example of why the decision had to be made to pull the plus on the blog. Instead of starting on a post at 10:30, I was waiting for the effect of 2 Excedrin PM's to kick in--I don't like taking those but I did sleep through the night so the pills might become a habit. Still, there is a withdrawal effect so let me touch on what I might have written to relieve the pressure of having something to say and no real means to say it:

-----Serena Williams. She tanked that last point that got her defaulted from the match. Like a soccer player with a yellow card, she knew that such an outburst would bring the next phase of the penalty system and that would be the loss of a point. She knew she was a point away from being bounced by a player who had just recently come out of retirement. Somewhere in her mind, probably before the match started, she knew that a loss to Kim Clijster would make people wonder if Serena's victories over the last couple of years was mostly because Kim and Justine Hennin (spelling) had retired while at their prime.

-----More Serena. I can hear the talk now from uninformed people about how "they" didn't want a black player to win the tournament. How many other players have broken rackets in the past and yelled at lines officials without being defaulted. Two things on that: (A) I'm sure others have deservedly lost points for their outburst, it's just that they make sure something like that doesn't happen on match point in the semifinals of a major event. (B) The broken racket which gave her the warning was a given. She hit the racket hard on the ground and it didn't break, so she smashed it hard again with obvious intention of breaking the racket. The tirade towards the officials was the worst I've seen in tennis. Even McEnroe never got to the point where he threatened to come over and do bodily harm to an officials. Serene was so far over the line that it makes me think she was intentionally forcing the official to dock her the final point--either that or she has terrible, terrible anger issues.

-----One last thing to get this blogging fever out of my system today. Saw two photographers I know at the Belhaven vs. Millsaps football game. One is a guy who does good work, probably better than mine considering his experience and equipment, though the difference isn't very great. He was there because Belhaven has hired him to photograph their sports teams. That probably means team photo, individual photos, etc, but you know it always causes a brainwave spike when I hear that someone is getting paid for things that I do for free. I don't want money, I just hope people appreciate the value of my gift.

On the other hand, literally, I saw a photographer named Kip and his work was discussed on the old blog. He woke up 7 weeks ago and had totally lost use of his left arm. Doctors don't know why and 7 weeks of rest and some anti-biotics have have only brought him back to 30% usage, still not even enough to handle working with a big lens attached to his camera. Far from worrying about others getting paid for what I give away, I should be thankful that I'm able to get out and take photos. It's a gift that I'm in a position to give these gifts.

OKAY--I feel better. And that didn't take long. The problem is that adding a photo would have taken time and I would have expanded all of the above into something that would take time, and when writing on a subject in the news it would require links, cut-and-paste, etc. All things that were fine when I wasn't looking at 12 hours of editing photos on a Sunday just to keep my head above water.

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