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Monday, September 14, 2009

September 15, 2009--224 Pounds

2 p.m. update--made it this far through the day at about 900 calories with 100 calories coming up at break time. It could be a really good day with a little will power after work. I'll spend most of that time at the computer working on football photos--that doesn't mean that break times have to add to the calorie total. Maybe I could actually walk around the block when a break is needed--that would be a good example of walking instead of talking.


Thought I would have dropped a little this morning, having been good on my eating choices yesterday and then sweating at the Millsaps JV football game in the afternoon. It's a tricky thing trying to guess the next day's weight, but over time a person gets pretty good at sifting through all the factors and this seemed like a morning that would give a good reading.

At the football game Monday I talked to two of the Millsaps trainers, both guys. Last year I had to be careful about which photos I kept of them because both had a physique that didn't look great due to excessive weight--I can relate to that. One of these trainers lost about 30 pounds over the summer and he looks great and must feel much better doing his job in the hot Mississippi weather. The other trainer has lost 80 pounds since the end of May on a special liquid diet that is supervised by a local hospital. The result is stunning and he still is on the diet with hopes of losing 40 more pounds--I don't see where he has 40 more pounds to lose.

The bottom line is that losing weight can be done and certainly I'm capable of doing it. BUT IT TAKE SOME EFFORT. That's been my problem. I want this weight loss to happen while being kept on the back burner. The photos come first. Instead of focusing on losing weight, I'm blogging about everything else in the world. My hip hurts when I walk but I don't want to stretch in hopes of easing the pain. Let's face it, most of my weight loss effort has been talking the talk and very little has been walking the walk. That's literally and figuratively. I've got to start making a better effort each day. A much better effort if I want to get 30-40 pounds off and make my life much easier.


Blogging below the line--I'm still having blogging withdrawals. This is what would have been on the Slice of Frank's Life blog if I were still doing that blog:

Here's a link to my October 9, 2008 post. Amongst other things, it included these paragraphs:

---"I know that some people think that Obama as a candidate and Obama as a president would do wonders for improving race relations in America. I've been saying for months that it will make race relations in America worse. It would take a lot of writing to explain my feelings on this, but let me at least attempt to scratch the surface."

---"I am not voting for Barack Obama and that doesn't make me a racist. In the eyes of some, any one who doesn't vote for Obama is racist. If America doesn't elect Obama then it is because it is a racist country--never mind the fact that Americans overwhelmingly agree that McCain is far more experienced than his rival. If Obama gets elected president as I fully expect to happen, then any criticism of his actions will be racist. Any failures of his policies will be because whites worked against him because they are racist. If you think I'm crazy then just wait and see and go and look at the comments by the guys on CNN. And believe me, I hope that a year or two from now everyone can tell me that I was 100% wrong on this subject--this is one time when I'm hoping that I'm full of BS."

Unfortunately I wasn't full of BS as now the race card is being pulled out more frequently for anyone who disagrees with the Obama programs. This "Democrats See Race Factor for Barack Obama Foes" on Politico.com is a good example. And now that this theme is being picked up more and more by commentators and news programs, people are starting to look at everything with race and racism at the forefront--the end of the Serena Williams match and the Kanye West award show escapades are two good examples.

Admittedly, all of the above was easy to predict and anyone who didn't see it coming just had their eyes closed, especially if you live in someplace like Jackson where Kenneth Stokes throws the race card around like he's a dealer at one of the Mississippi casinos. What is coming next is easy to see as well:

The race card works when you play it on an individual or small groups--a politician, a swim club, a business, etc. It's hard for the small group to defend themselves and no one is anxious to come to the rescue. Now that the Democrats are playing the card on millions at a time, its going to blow up in their face. Polls show that the majority of Americans oppose the current health care proposal, so now there's subtle and not so subtle charges that the majority of Americans are secretly racists. Or not so secretive since they willingly come out to rallies in large numbers to protest against the health plan. This will become a case of crying wolf one too many times because so many people are being falsely charge, and many in America are going to turn a blind eye to future charges of racism.

It really feels like the Democrats are going down a very dangerous road, pulling out the wild card that has always worked, and this time it's going to be a losing hand for America and especially for the black community in America. Once again I hope I'm full of BS, but unfortunately, I'm fairly certain that I'm not.

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