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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

September 16, 2009--220 Pounds

This weigh-in surprised me even more than the 224 of yesterday. I held the line at about 1,600 calories yesterday, but still had a few too many diet sodas after getting home from work, didn't go out walking--and if you pardon me for being too graphic, didn't have any extraordinary bodily functions that would make me think today would be 4 pounds less than yesterday.

But hey, don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Instead, I need to really do well during the day today and then be really smart when the guys meet at Nick's the evening for a few drinks. I can hold the total down to 1,600 or 1,700 calories with some planning and willpower. Notice that the total wasn't 2,000 calories. I'm thinking that the 2,000 calories is fine for maintaining, just not good enough for losing weight. I suspect the daily total should be 1,600 or less for any real attempt at losing weight.

------------Blogging Below the Line-------------------------

(This was written Tuesday evening--there's more below that was added Wednesday morning that is totally different and equally disturbing): I consider myself a moderate independent in politics, which means that I generally vote for the Republican candidate. It's not a matter of voting for a party but of voting for policies, and at the moment there are more policies of the Democrats that I really can't support.

That being said, there's no joy at all in seeing the Democrats imploding because they are setting this country back to the 1970's or 1980's when it comes to race relations. Wasn't there talk when Obama was elected President about how we could now have an honest discussion about race in this country? Instead, when the opposing party disagrees with the policies of the party in charge, just as happened with Bush, Clinton, Bush, Ford, Nixon, Reagan, etc, the reason for this disagreement is suddenly because of the color of the President, not his policies.

In case you missed it, here's a story where Jimmy Carter throws a log on the fire. Carter's viewpoint is summed up in the assessment that "There is an inherent feeling among many in this country that an African-American should not be president." There's nothing that builds a higher, thicker, stronger wall between people than false accusations. While I personally have hopes that my best days are still ahead of me, I have fears that the best days of this country are behind us.

(Added Wednesday morning): When taking a shower and shaving each morning, I usually have a CD playing or the radio on in the bathroom. If it's the radio, I like to pick up the "Mike and Mike" sports show but the reception is a little spotty. That was the case this morning so I switched over to the "John Boy and Billy Show". As you can guess by the title, it's a "good old boys" show. I believe it's out of North Carolina and has quite a large syndication. The show is a blend of classic rock, banter between the on air personalities, skits, odd news, sometimes serious commentary, etc. Somewhat silly at times, but today was something totally different.

Today there was a segment that went under some heading like "ask Ike". Maybe it was suppose to be Ike Turner, I don't know, but it was a fairly long segment where "Ike" as a black person was talking about President Obama. Was it funny--the on air personalities laughed enough times to make me believe they thought it was funny. I found it incredibly racist, enough so that I won't be listening to "John Boy and Billy" in the future.

I've heard this blatant racist broadcasting before, but in the past it was on black radio programs and the offending person was speaking as a white person spewing out more hate than humor. It was offensive on those programs, and what I heard today was offensive. It also is an indication of just how far down the road we are towards the deterioration of race relations in America. I've listened to "John Boy and Billy" in the past and while they have never worried about being politically correct, they have never been over the line anywhere near what I heard this morning. If they feel like this is acceptable humor, and especially if they feel like this is something their audience will find humorous, then this country is in worse shape than I thought.

Maybe it will turn out that most of their audience was offended. Or maybe it will turn out that most of their audience thought it was funny and they are glad that whites are now free to be racist on radio programs like some of the black radio personalities have been for years. My gut feeling tells me that this bring of race to the forefront of talk in America is going to be bad. Make that very bad and something that isn't going to be healed for a very long time.

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