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Thursday, September 17, 2009

September 17, 2009--221 Pounds

Yes I Can!

That's the answer to the question, "Can I get below 200 pounds for my 58th birthday which is 3 months from today?". Maybe even lose 30 pounds by my next birthday, but let's not get carried away. Based on the past couple of years, getting to 215 again would be a big milestone, getting out of the 210's would be huge, going from obesity to overweight (somewhere around 207) would be exceptional; and seeing a weight that starts with "1" would be totally outstanding. Those are things that need to be achieved before thinking about 195, 190, 185 and either 180 or 175.

What's it going to take? A lot more than what I've been giving. The calories have to go down to around 1,600 every day without all of the "bad" days from week to week. With the cooler weather, I've got to exercise at a moderate level. That's really all that it will take--that's all it took when I did drop 30 pounds in 3 months. I've just got to get the ball rolling again and then stick with it so the momentum isn't lost.

-----------------Blogging Below the Line-----------------------

One little thing today and it is simply an observation about me. It seems like I mentioned on an earlier post that at last Saturday's football game I saw two Jackson photographers that I know. One was getting paid to take photos for Belhaven College, the other getting paid to take photos for the MetroMix website. Hold that thought for a minute.

On the Millsaps Athletic Department Website, they do a great job of writing up stories about all of the sporting events. These stories are always accompanied by a photo and I get a tiny photo credit which is nice. Sometimes I see a photo that isn't familiar, and when I look at the credit it turns out to be a photo by another photographer.

There's a part of me that I don't like, maybe the human nature part of me, where I get a small negative sensation in both of these cases--seeing photographers actually doing less work than I do and they are getting paid, and then seeing someone else's photos where I expect to see my own. Keep in mind that when it comes to the pay, I'm the one who insists on doing the work for free. Also keep in mind that more photographers taking photos means more photos for the student-athletes. I should feel joy that other good photos are being taken and made available.

Still, I find myself with these initial impulses that are hard to describe, but they are on the negative side, not the positive. That's my flaw, not a situation of anyone else doing something wrong. Like all other humans, I'm going to always be a work in progress and this is one area that still needs some work.

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