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Saturday, September 19, 2009

September 19, 2009--219.5 Pounds

You would not believe the minefield I had to navigate in order to stay below 220. I'm lucky not only to have a "21_" weight this morning, but there was the very real possibility of my body reestablishing the 222 beachhead.

I'm talking about the office birthday party. There was a chocolate cake there that was straight from the pages of some magazine like "Rich Food for Rich People" (is that a magazine--it should be even though we have less rich people lately). Likewise with a coconut cake. Then the second string included another cake that might have been equally as rich, some brownies, cookies, chips and dip, a melted cheese deal, a fantastic tray of slices of a subway sandwich, and maybe a few other things. I had two of the small sandwiches, a few crackers, and at the end of the day, I indulged with 3 Chips-Ahoy type cookies. Not too bad since I ate light at all the meals.

And here's the deal. Now that it's Saturday morning, I feel no different and certainly no worse for having passed on those extra 2,000 calories. I can't say that I feel better physically, but it feels much better mentally to see that 219.5 instead of 222. But that's just day one of a critical 3-day stretch and it was both the most difficult and the easiest.

The most difficult in that great food was available for free and everyone around me was partaking and loving it. The easiest because it was a very clear challenge that had the potential to do major damage. Today and tomorrow are tricky. There's no cake, but there's popcorn. And there's Wendy's with a combo meal just 5 minutes away. The McDade's grocery store with frozen pizzas is even closer than Wendy's. It would be easy to think, "I was so good yesterday, I've earned a treat". Wrong, wrong, wrong. That's like running a quarter mile in a marathon and thinking you've earned a rest break. Worse, it would be like walking back towards the start line and losing ground.

I'll be good today. I absolutely will find a way to get out and walk today, even if it's just 30 minutes. And of course I'll be here much of the other hours, editing photos, ironing clothes and watching the webcast of the Millsaps football game, etc. It doesn't sound like the most exciting Saturday in the world, but it's one that could be very productive in many ways.

------------------Blogging Below the Line-----------------------------

Two tales from Millsaps last night:

1) Instead of editing or taking photos last night, I went to the Millsaps Women's soccer game against Belhaven College. It's one of those rare times of getting to actually watch a sporting event. It would have been more fun watching the game with someone, but I didn't see any coaches or parents that I knew and when it comes to sitting with students, I'm not going to impose on them. It's great when one or more comes over and visits with me, but following the rules my father always maintained, I'm not going to interfere with kids sitting and having a good time with their friends. Having a 57 year old join a group of college kids is like a priest wearing a collar walking into a fun filled bar--it's a buzz killer.

Regarding the game, after 90 minutes of play and 20 minutes of overtime, the teams went home with a 0-0 tie. That's why soccer will never really catch on with the masses in America. Think about it--every possession for both teams ended with a turnover of a missed shot (or the period ending). What would you think of an NFL game if every possession ended with a fumble, interception, failure to convert a 4th down, missed field goal, or the clock ran out? You would think these are the two most inept teams you've every seen. Same if it was two NBA teams, or two baseball teams who finally quit because no one could score. In big time soccer, 0-0 isn't a great rarity. It's not a rarity for a team to go into a game hoping for a 0-0 tie. It's just not right.

Keep in mind that I played soccer for over 20 years. Coached for over 20 years as well if you included the YMCA kids leagues, something that often was closer to babysitting and daycare in the early years--not that I'm complaining about those early years--they were some of the best years of coaching. Soccer is a great game to play and coach, and some soccer games are great to watch. But hey, there's a reason soccer fans sing, chant, dance, play musical instruments and even fight--they are trying to entertain themselves instead of counting on the action from the game. Come on soccer fans--deep down you know that's true.

2) To get from the soccer field to the parking lot at Millsaps, you have to go up a flight of stairs. These stairs take you to the area with a long wall of built in trophy cases. My computer that displays the Millsaps sports photos is in one of the trophy cases, one that's in view when you near the top of the stairs.

I'm climbing the stairs after the game and I see that a group of 7 or 8 are crowded around and looking at the sports photos. Belhaven fans in awe of this great feature at Millsaps? That was my first thought because there's no reason for a crowd of Millsaps students to gather around a computer that they can see 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Besides, these are all the photos from last year so they are old to Millsaps fans.

However, I quickly recognized the group as Millsaps baseball players and it only took me a second to guess what they were doing, a guess that was confirmed about 10 seconds later when there was a spontaneous reaction from the group. They were having a competition, waiting to see which one would "win" by having a photo of themselves displayed on the computer first. I don't know if they had been there 30 seconds or 5 minutes, but they at least got a good laugh and some good ribbing out of their endeavor.

Going back to item 1, I realize that 57 is not the same as college age. It's probably a little on the old side for a parent of a college student. Still, there's a part of me that never matured much past the college level and that's a good thing. It's the part of me that still enjoys searching for new music, still finds interest in the opinions and conversations with these "kids" at Millsaps, still likes going to hear a local band play enthusiastic if not great rock music. I knew what those baseball players were up to right away because it's exactly what I would have done. Hanging around with friends, watching a computer screen and making snerky comments about the photos that were displayed, and then having a big laugh when someone finally "won".

Now here comes one of those sentences with a BUT in it. I am fortunate to have great friends and I love spending time with all of them, BUT I wish there was a group of friends that had more of this college side still in them. People I could go to a sporting event with and we could make comments like that sci-fi TV show where the odd little robots comment on the movie being shown (you know the one I mean, something like Science Fiction Theatre 3000--I haven't had cable in a very long time). People who would enjoy an evening of playing ping-pong and listening to music. People who are very smart and don't mind being very silly. Those ways of thinking and living fade away with marriage, children, responsibilities--all things that haven't cropped up in my life to sweep away the college mentality.

I can't go back and be a college student even if I went back and took college courses. There's a world of difference between being young with your entire life ahead of you and being old and wanting to recapture youth. It is fun though to observe the Millsaps students being college kids--things really haven't changed much at all since my days on campus and the wild times at the Pike house and everywhere else.


  1. Frank, Way to go at the office party!!! First challenge on the new regimen and you were very successful. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks, Rusty. In looking back, it was obviously a huge error to think that I could focus enough on dieting when spending so much time focusing on the photos and the other blog. Like in everything else, failing to give attention to the details is a good way to fail.

    The calorie count is going well today--I just need to get out and walk sometime this evening.