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Saturday, September 19, 2009

September 20, 2009--221.5 Pounds

Let me start with a tangent. I've been on this earth about 21,000 days with plans of staying another 10,000 or so. You can calculate the days, hours and minutes more exactly if you'd like, but I come up with about 30,240,000 minutes. Out of those millions of minutes, it is safe to say that never have two consecutive minutes passed where I was totally deprived of oxygen.

Don't you find that amazing? Deprive a human of oxygen for 2-3 minutes and they die. How do we ever make it to old age? We count of always having air to breathe and a heart that keeps pumping--now somewhere over 2 billion beats and still ticking for me. Then we get in metal containers and drive at high speeds all over the place, sharing space with thousands of others and counting on them to consistently follow the same rules of safety as everyone else. We get in airplanes. We get in boats or even the water itself even though breathing isn't possible if we go under the water without special equipment. We are surrounded by germs. We eat food without knowing who prepared it or how. We take drugs because a man or woman in a white coat prescribed it. The list goes on but it all comes down to this:

It's incredible that the human body can be both so fragile and yet so durable, with most of us fully expecting to live for decades with good health.

The above was part of my train of thought brought on by returning to that 222 setpoint this morning. I ate about 2,500 calories yesterday, the usual food groups of popcorn, hot pockets, rice and pineapple, and did get out for a 40 minute walk in the evening as well as some walking while checking up on Fred's warehouse. There's no reason for a 2 pound weight gain other than my body wanting to be 2 pounds heavier, wanting to get back to the most comfortable of comfort zones.

It's just part of the process. This setpoint phenomenon is one of those many marvelous things that allows humans to live for decades on this earth. It stabilizes the body, protects us when food is scarce. In modern day society, it is more about protecting us when food is abundant with most of us getting far more benefits from the body refusing to move up every time we overeat. Continue to overeat and eventually the setpoint gets moved up, but I suspect we would have a lot of 400-500 pound people if the human body didn't work so hard to avoid weight gains.

And now my body is working hard to avoid a weight loss. It will change if I'm persistent enough. Once I can get it to move a little, I think it will be somewhat acceptable to moving a lot. My gut feeling is that walking every day will be the key to making this happen. The body has acclimated to days of 2,000 calories or less. It going to take something different in addition to the low calories to prompt a change, and that difference will be the walking.

I can do this and I will do this.

--------------Blogging below the line-----------------------

In this difficult economic time, even a high paid photographer has to pay attention to his purchases. One good tip to keep from spending too much is to make a list before you go to the grocery store. Itemize the things you truly need and then don't deviate and fall prey to the temptations at the store.

I used that method Saturday when shopping at the grocery store. It was just a trip to pick up a few items: ice, deodorant, toothpaste, soft drinks, popcorn, and a couple of hot pockets. There were temptations but I stuck to my list. That's why I thought it was an error when the total exceeded the $50 mark. I hardly bought anything so it was obviously an error--then I did some quick calculating in my head:

ice = about $2
deodorant = about $7 for two because I couldn't decide on the fragrance
toothpaste = about $6 because it was cheaper per unit to buy the 2-pack
hot pockets = only $4 for 2 boxes
drinks = $10 for 5 x 6-packs of 16-oz drinks, a bargain at this price
popcorn = $20 for 5 boxes at $4 each. They were on sale and you know how I like popcorn.

Throw in 7% sales tax and there you have it. Not really much of anything adds up to a $50 credit card charge. I don't know how you folks who shop for families can afford to go to the grocery store. I guess that also goes for those of you who shop for higher quality food that what gets thrown in my shopping cart.

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