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Monday, September 21, 2009

September 21, 2009--221.5 Pounds


That's right. I've been driven to cursing about this inability to escape the setpoint established near the 222 pound mark. Not that I should be cursing since there was a failure to do the things that seem to be needed to break away from this black hole.

The calorie totals over the weekend were okay and they needed to be great. I walked once over the weekend and it needed to be three long walks as the minimum. You would think that getting down below 220 pounds and then holding the calories to 2,500 per day would at least maintain the sub-220. That's not the way it works. It seems like more work is needed to maintain a weight loss than to create the initial drop in weight.

So what's my excuse for not really giving it my all this weekend. What's my excuse for everything--the photos of course. All day Saturday and Sunday it was all about the photos. That's a slight exaggeration since there were breaks for other things--I went to the grocery store, checked on Fred's warehouse twice, took some hummingbird photos, ironed clothes, washed dishes, worked on the blog, sent some emails, and there was one decent walk of about 40 minutes. These things were what I did while taking a break from the photos. These things are the bare necessities I do in between editing photos in an attempt to keep my life from collapsing.

"Keep my life from collapsing" might be a little strong. It depends on your definition of a life. At times I choose to not have much of a life in order to create something that seems to be more and more what my life is all about. At least I've gotten past those days of staying up all night to get photos done ASAP, or the weekends when my sleep on Friday, Saturday and Sunday didn't combine to reach double digits. I'm no longer physically or mentally capable of that type of big push, but spreading things out over a longer stretch of time means that I always have something that needs to be done.

At 11:45 last night, when finally going upstairs to bed, my belief was that my long weekend had caught me up with the editing of the Millsaps photos. Before I fell asleep it occurred to me that the photos of the cheerleaders and dance team needed editing. This morning I was copying files to a jump drive and found a folder with an entire volleyball match that needed editing. In the back of my mind it seemed like there were photographs from three matches with these lost photos being the third match. It gets to the point where I can't remember for sure what I've photographed. To be honest, I've gotten to the point where I can never tell you much about my activities over the past few days. It all runs together and it all is so repetitive--it's an assembly line.

You thought the silver lining about the end of the "Slice" blog was not having to read my moaning about the photography. You were wrong. At least it's Monday and things will be back close to normal. That's wrong as well. I'm taking off this afternoon with plans of taking a nap and then taking photos at the JV Football game. I was up in the air about taking the football photos. Then I realized that JV Football is the second largest sport at Millsaps based on participants and they only play 4 games. I'll take more than 4 games of each soccer team and the volleyball team this fall and the combined rosters of those three sports are about the same as the junior varsity football. It makes sense that I try to take photos at all 4 of the junior varsity games considering the number of athletes involved--and so I will.

As if anything I do makes sense any more.

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