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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

September 22, 2009--222 Pounds

Hello old friend.

Not that I should be surprised and it's not like I fought tooth and nail to prevent it. The weekend left me somewhat exhausted so yesterday was about getting through the day. Breakfast, break and lunch wasn't too bad, totalling 1,100 calories. There was the issue of maybe 400-500 calories of candy corn from the Agency Department next to the computer room.

I took off after lunch in order to go home and take a nap before the JV football game. I was dragging at the game and started considering the pros and cons of supper at Wendy's by the 4th quarter. I ended up getting a small combo, thinking that it might give me a boost to stay up and work on photos. I don't know if it provided a boost, or if the popcorn around 9 helped at all. Either way, I got some volleyball photos edited and was able to stay up till 10:30.

Food for short term energy, or as motivation, or as a reward--it's not something that helps a diet and yet it sometimes is the only way I can get through a day mentally or physically. Plus, I halfway suspect that I'd be 222 pounds this morning or at some point later in the week even if I had gone home and had soup. I also suspect that just giving up would get me to 230 pounds in a hurry.

------------------- Blogging Below the Line ----------------------

Someone sent me an email last night. I had requested feedback on the photo album with pictures of the football game with Belhaven. In the description field I wrote: "HEY VIEWERS: Are there too many photos--should the fan photos be included--do you have suggestions? Let me know at frankezelle@yahoo.com -- I may not always take your suggestion but I'll always listen to and consider input from others."

I had posted all of the football photos plus the fan photos, ending up with 410 photos. That's a lot for people to look through and in the past I've only posted the best photos from the game and the fan photos were in a different section. Posting too much seems better than cutting out photos, but I wanted to know what the viewers thought. It's not surprising that after several days there has only been one response and it was a complaint:

"Cheerleaders?? 410 photos from the Belhaven game and not a single cheerleader. Fans and various crew, but no cheerleaders."

Not surprisingly, this was from the parent of a cheerleader. I wrote her back that there are a handful of cheerleader photos that still need to be posted but it was always hard for me to get good photos of them because they turn their back to the field. Also, they are in this narrow little area between the team and in front of the stands. It's really, really hard to get photos of the cheerleaders unless I totally disregard taking photos of the game for a while.

She did respond to my email and was understanding, just as I understand her reason for writing. The cheerleaders are a part of the game and this mom had just looked through 400+ photos without a single cheerleader sighting. She should have written--that's not the problem. The problem is that her legitimate complaint should have been offset by at least a handful of thanks or with some positive comments. Unfortunately, I've received exactly the number of those that I expected to receive, namely zero.

One last thing and it actually ties into the blogging. In blogging, I have mixed feelings about the hit counters that one can put on a blog. It's a plus because it tells you that at least someone is reading your work. On the other hand, it's a negative after a while when it turns out that only a few people are reading your work. That negative was really the key factor in my discontinuing the Civil Rights and Photos from Fondren blogs, and maybe a small factor on the Slice blog. Sometimes I think it's better not to know the hit count, and that's why I've refrained from adding a hit counter here.

With the Millsaps photos, I tried an experiment a couple of years ago. The athletes all get DVD's at the end of their sports season and I've always included a note with the DVD, a combination of congratulations, positive feedback, explanation about the photos files, etc. I also included my email address with the explanation to please email me if they had a problem with reading the DVD. I quit adding that line to the note after about a year and a half. It was depressing to know that every athlete had my email address and only one or two bothered to use it to write a note of thanks. Maybe more would have written if I had added a line saying here's my email address so you can do the right thing and send a note of thanks. Maybe not.

Well, I got a little wound up. The bottom line is that I've discovered with society that most of us operate within the norm and it appears that normal these days is to not bother with saying thank you. My awareness of this is probably the only reason I take the time to go out of my way and say thanks, something I do more than most but not enough. How about you? Are you that 1 in a 100 or 1 in 300 who takes the time to do that little extra to say thank you? The odds say that you aren't. Think about it the next time you appreciate something that someone does, and then make their day by following through with a note, a phone call, or an email. It will be well worth the effort.

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