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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September 23, 2009--222 Pounds

Last night it was taking photos of volleyball, then getting home and finishing up the editing and posting of some volleyball photos taken way back on September 4. The cheerleader mom will have to wait at least another day to see photos of her child. The photos of the dancers also need to be done, as well as the JV football photos taken on Monday and last night's volleyball.

That's the way my life works right now. Always something waiting in the wings, things that might get done in a few days or it might be a few weeks. It's a compromise that allows me to mostly stay in the tired to very tired zone, trying to pace myself in order to avoid the exhausted level that was more the norm a couple of years ago.

This constant state of being tired is at least something I can manage. My gut feeling is that most of the people I know are in a constant state of being tired because of work, family, outside commitments, and all the things in today's society that nibble into the time that should be used for rest. And I also suspect that many of those people use food as an energy boost, a break, a treat--as a way to get from day-to-day in search of that time when life won't be quite so busy. It doesn't seem like that not so busy stretch will ever come.

I know the need to lose weight is great for me. I know it would do wonders for me in several ways to get my weight down below 180 or 190 or 200. It just that so many days like today start off with me being tired at 7 a.m. Not the kind of tired that's temporary, one that will lift by mid-morning like a fog being burned off by the sun. It's the kind of tired that is settled in for a long stay, one that I'll fight with extra food, a nap when I get home, maybe one night of going to be a 7 instead of staying up till 10:30 working on photos. Just getting from day-to-day until that time comes when life won't be quite so busy.

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