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Thursday, September 24, 2009

September 24, 2009--222 Pounds

Not much good to report from yesterday except this morning's weight--it was definitely a day where I would have expected a weight gain. What saved me was skipping supper instead of piling on more food to the beer and nuts consumed at Nick's.

Instead of supper, I went to bed. One of those rare nights when I actually did get 8 hours of sleep. That was a combination of being in bed by 9 and also taking 2 of those PM pain relievers that are suppose to help you sleep. Now I need some AM pain relievers to wake me up. I'm more tired at 7:15 than even on the days after very little sleep. I hope the drugs will wear off soon--I can barely keep my eyes open to type this entry. Despite the 8+ hours of sleep, this is starting off like one of those days where I just hope to make it till noon so I can take off the afternoon hours and get a long nap.


  1. I have always thought it is better to not weigh everyday. Is that true or just a wive's tale? Or - do you weigh every day for the report. Brant

  2. Frank does it because he likes to see the 222 in the morning!