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Sunday, September 27, 2009

September 27, 2009--223 Pounds

I guess 222 pounds isn't the worst that could happen.

Let me start this by saying Mom is okay and she is back home from the hospital. The reason I've missed the last couple of days is because she was at the hospital and I spent most of Friday up there including spending the night. Posting to the blog and worrying about diet weren't my primary thoughts during that time.

The short version of this story is that I got a call at 4 Friday morning from the tenant who rents part of Mother's house. Mother had felt numbness on her right side around midnight, she woke up the tenant who is a 2nd year med student, and the tenant took Mother to the ER. Mother has all of our family phone numbers in her purse and the tenant tried calling my cell phone, which was downstairs by the computer, and that was the only attempt to call anyone until they tried calling my home phone at 4. Very strange, but I think Mother "didn't want to bother anyone".

By 4 a.m., most of the numbness had gone away, but Mother was in the system and naturally they wanted to run tests. They had already done a CAT scan, blood work, and maybe other things and all tests were normal. Still, then wanted to check her into the hospital for an MRI and more monitoring. I can't say that this was unwise, but it's just that once you get in the system, it's hard to get out and go home unless they do $20,000-30,000 worth of tests--and I fully expect that to be the total for the 36 hours she spent there. Naturally insurance will cover most of this and naturally I could write a lot here about the experience and how it might apply to the current health care national debate, but I don't have all day for that.

The bottom line is that all test turned out fine. She has some blockage in the main blood vessels in her neck, not surprising since she is 85, and her cholesterol is very high which it has always been. The doctor who saw her wants to put her on medication for the cholesterol and I think my siblings and I will suggest that she not bother. She's 85 with no history of heart problems and my gut feeling is that side effects offer more potential problems than the cholesterol. I think her primary doctor who has seen her for many years also feels no need for lowering her cholesterol.

As for the numbness, the doctor suggested that she had something called a TIA (google TIA stroke for more information). I'm not so sure. Outside of the numbness, she had none of the other signs for a TIA. No confusion, no blurry vision, no weakness, no slurred speech, no nothing besides numbness. Could she have just fallen asleep in bed while propped up and watching TV and gotten in a position where she had the sensation of both her arm and leg "falling asleep". That's a possibility, but better safe than sorry I guess. Besides, if I were in the position of the young lady living next door I think the only possible option would be to rush to the hospital.

Anyway, my eating and sleeping and everything else was a mess for the last 2 days. I went from the hospital to a Millsaps football game. Then I naturally spent time last night working on photos. Not surprisingly, I'll be leaving home soon to photograph two soccer games at Millsaps. The good news is that after that there will be about a 2 week break before the next home event for any of the fall sports. I'll have time to get caught up and maybe even time to focus on dieting and walking again.

Got to go get a few things done before going to take photos. Oh wait--Brant left a comment about weighing every day. It's a habit I've had from way back in the days when the weight was always in the 164-166 range--and that was a long time ago. Since I've been in this habit for so long, I'm not surprised by any change from day to day, not getting too depressed if the scales show a gain of 2 pounds and likewise not getting too excited about a 2 pound loss in 24 hours. In general, I think this suggestion is all about getting people to focus on doing the right thing and trusting that the weight loss will follow. That's the way it does work in the long run even though it may not look that way if you are charting the gains and losses every day.

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