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Sunday, September 27, 2009

September 28, 2009--222 Pounds

Don't start expecting photos on this blog, but these actually have something to do with "Losing Weight in America", which someone might remember as the original title of this blog.

I was at Millsaps taking photos of two soccer games Sunday, then ended up at the Wendy's drive-thru for my first meal of the day at about 4:30. These two ladies were crossing the street near Wendy's, heading towards the "Battle of the Bands" at Memorial Stadium. It was a big competition featuring high school and college marching bands, plus they had some professional music acts performing at the "halftime" of the band competition.

The woman in the high heels could hardly walk--not exactly the ideal shoes for a long walk from the car to the football stadium, nor the best shoes for climbing steps. As for her "pants", I'm sure they will be a big hit as she climbs up or down those steps.

The connection with dieting is that society seems to have changed a lot in recent years regarding the concept of "being fat". People no longer seem to care about being overweight or at least in regards to how they look. Is this a bad thing or a good thing? People who are overweight shouldn't feel like they are inferior to those who are thin, but at the same time, we know that being overweight is an invitation for health problems. Would a little embarrassment about being overweight be a good thing if it gave extra motivation to a person to get healthier?

I kind of think we've gone too far in not wanting anyone to feel bad about anything (such as the removal of any stigma regarding unwed mothers, but that's another topic). Speaking only for myself as a person who falls into the obese category, I wouldn't mind if my health premiums at work were higher than a non-obese person (likewise, I wouldn't mind if my premiums were lower than those for a smoker, heavy drinker, etc). Sometimes a little extra motivation is just what a person needs to succeed in improving their life and I'm afraid that our enlightened society might be doing more harm than good by being afraid to label any behavior as negative. That's just my opinion.

Part 2: It's Monday morning and to no one's surprise, I start the week at 222 pounds. There's about a 2 week stretch here where Millsaps has no home sporting events. That should give me more time to think about dieting even though I need to stay extremely busy during this break. Catching up on Millsaps photos is something to be done, but also catching up on all the Frank things that have fallen behind during September. Exercise and more focus on the diet is one of those Frank things that has fallen behind.

Speaking of "behind", I think you can guess which of the two ladies pictured above was the one that motivated me to quickly pull out my camera and take a few shots. If you guessed the butt crack lady who could barely walk in her fancy high heels, then give yourself a gold star. To be fair, she isn't the one with a severe weight problem, just the one with the most severe fashion sense problem.

I could have used these photos to once again talk about the fashions women wear that make them look their worst. It's something I deal with at Millsaps all the time and the cheerleaders, dance team, and several of the women sports teams wear outfits that reveal every ounce of fat. The outfits might look good on a super model, a professional athlete, or an aerobics instructor on an infomercial, but few "normal" people look their best in skin tight attire. That goes for men and women. Most men realize this and avoid such a revealing style and I don't know why women think the skin tight or something like the "low jeans/muffin top" look is a good look for them. The trends in women's fashions sometimes makes it very difficult for me when trying to decide if I should keep or delete some of the Millsaps photos. I always delete photos that seem unflattering to the individuals, but maybe I'm deleting photos that these young ladies think look great.

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