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Thursday, October 1, 2009

October 1, 2009--220 Pounds

A new beginning always brings new hope--and in this case a new blog title with a new approach. Today is the 1st of the month, my weight ends with a "0", and I was thinking about how my brother Fred has recently lost a lot of weight by focusing on 5 pounds at a time. The way he tells it is that whenever he got to or below a weight that ended with "0" or "5", he figured that with a little work and willpower, he could get down to the next lower weight that ends with "0" or "5".

That seems achievable. I can talk all I want about getting to 175 as my goal, but that number is so far away. It's like being outside the gravitational pull of a planet or star. Getting from 220 pounds to 215, that has proven to big a big task when looking at the loss as simply a stepping stone to bigger things. Maybe it will be easier if 215 is my final destination--I can do that--it's only 5 pounds away so you know I can do that.

Achieve that goal in a reasonable time period like one month, and then I can look at setting another goal like getting my weight down to 210 pounds. I could do that, going from 215 to 210, but let's not dream about future diets. Right now there's only one diet, the goal of getting my weight down to 215 pounds. Achieve that and then we can dream for more.

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  1. Hey Frank, nice to see you chipping away at that plateau! I just started about two weeks ago so I'll be dropping by!

    231.0 lbs on 10/22/09 and now 221.4 thanks to P90X so far! Sheer commitment this time around.