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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October 21, 2009--224.5 Pounds

Not much to write. I seem to be settled in at the 224-225 area right now, spending so much time sitting and editing at the computer. Out of 14 work days in October, I've taken off 10 afternoon in an effort to stay close to caught up. Haven't caught up and it might take 3 more afternoons and evenings this week to be caught up before a busy Homecoming weekend.

Yeah, I could take some time for walking and stretching and all that stuff. Yeah, I could eat less even when I'm bored out of my mind from opening, cropping, enhancing, saving, then repeat the process hundreds of times. Right now at this moment, I wonder why I don't do these things, but when I'm mentally and physically beaten down by the time involved and the often tedious nature of the work, it is really difficult to find the strength to take on another big project.

Maybe after the fall sports are over. Maybe not. When there is a break in the photos, it's always nice to have down time instead of moving on to another big project. It's also a time when I need to do a hundred other things that have piled up. This losing weight thing isn't hopeless. It's just more difficult that it appears to be. I'm having trouble finding the solution.

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