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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

October 6, 2009--221.5 Pounds

Successfully navigated past the huge batch of huge homemade chocolate chip cookie brought in by a co-worker yesterday. Suppose I had not been thinking about trying to lose weight, not posting my weight here on close to a daily basis? Let's see--2 cookies in the morning even though I had eaten breakfast--a cookie at break time for sure--2 more while watching "All My Children" at lunch--at least 2 more here and there in the afternoon. That's probably 7 cookies from grazing all day and at a minimum of 300 calories each, an extra 2,000+ calories for the day.

An extreme example of what makes obesity such a problem in America? Not that extreme. It's not much different that sitting down to watch television and somehow a bag of Oreo cookies gets mindlessly consumed. Or a big bag of chips washed down by several soft drinks or beers. Or maybe the pizza guy dropped off supper and you got the large instead of the medium because you had a coupon.

We all need a tote board that follows us around during the day, something like what they use on the telethons, and we need it to tally up the calories consumed as we go through the day. It could also subtract the calories burned. That would be an eye-opener. Get out and walk 2 miles in about 30 minutes and see the calories go down. Come back in and wolf down one of those chocolate chip cookies in 30 seconds and replace all the calories burned during the walk. It would make a person think or maybe cry. Probably both.

So all in all, getting back to how my diet is going, yesterday was a good day. It could have been better with some walking and if I hadn't gotten a few small pieces of candy here and there. Today needs to be at least as good. I'll probably take off in the afternoon to do some work around the house and on the photos, but that doesn't have to mean mindless eating even if there are long hours in front of the PC. Instead of mindless eating, it would be nice to get out for some brisk walking. That would be a win-win thing to do.

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