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Monday, November 2, 2009

Day 0--228 Pounds

I hope this weight is a little higher than normal due to my munching on the drive back from Dallas last night. Maybe it will give the start of this new effort a boost if there are a few easy pounds that will drop off in the first week. Truthfully, it doesn't really matter where I begin since this isn't a competition to see who can lose the most weight. If today's weight was 222 or 225 or 228 it would still be far too much.

There's no question that 190 pounds is much more appropriate for my 5'10" height. Going by the Body Mass Index, that would still leave me in the overweight range by about 10-15 pounds. I could live with that for a while. Maybe after some time spent stabilizing my body at 190 pounds, I could look at more exercise in hopes of getting down to about 180. That's looking much too far into the future.

For now, I've got to go back to the beginning which would be appropriate since my weight is back where it was in the beginning. I need to understand that what I've been doing lately to maintain the weight in the 220's range isn't good enough by a long shot. There really needs to be a cutback if I'm going to lose 35-40 pounds. Multiply 40 pounds by 3,000 calories and that gives you a very rough total of 120,000 calories of stored fat that I need to lose. It not going to happen with me staying totally inactive and with me breaking my diet here and there day after day. It's going to take work and sacrifice, two elements that have been missing for most of 2007, 2008 and 2009.

Today will be a good test as I expect a pile of Halloween candy to appear in the office lounge. People will want to get their leftover candy out of the house so they don't eat it, opting instead to tempt everyone at work with this sugar in disguise. Making it through today without eating candy will get a good jump start towards success.


  1. Hey Frank just checkin in. I've been having some success with the P90X Lean series. Today I'm at 214.0 (I think I'm about to end week 6). So almost 20lbs in that time. I recommend it but I will say it's some physical work. Probably more intimidating than anything. The lean series has you doing more aerobic type stuff. The first two weeks I couldn't compelete any of the sessions. It's a video series and you literally "press play everyday". However, even they admit diet is 75% of the work. There diet guide is a fairly easy approach. I can post the meat of it if you're interested.

  2. Excellent work Todd. From what the P90XLean series sounds like, I'd probably only be able to do the P09XLean series which would be one-tenth of the 90XLean series.

    I appreciate the offer about posting the gist of the diet guide, but I'll probably go back and try to mimic what worked well when I started the dieting and had success. Actually, I'll try to improve on that pattern since there was little in the way of fruits and vegetables back then and that's really the direction I should be pointing. Mostly what I need to do is simply cut back a lot and let my body burn up some of the excess. It worked before and it will work again if I will be consistent and persistent.

    Thanks for writing and keep up the good work.