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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day 3--226.5 Pounds (1.5 lbs lost)

I've been adding a label to the last few posts as a way of keeping up with "positive" and "negative" dieting days. Initially there was going to be a "neutral" category as well. That got scratched because it seemed counterproductive to dieting.

You see, yesterday was perfect for a "neutral" day. There were free Krispy Kreme donuts at work and I resisted the temptation (along with all of the free candy which is always available). At Nick's it was a night of 3 light beers and no sampling of the bowl of nuts so 300 calories is really good for a Wednesday evening with the guys. Staying out of that bowl of nuts was a real challenge. It was a day when things could have fallen to pieces and I stayed strong.

Or fairly strong. I was home in the afternoon working on photos and I snacked on a 250 calorie bag of popcorn along with another later in the evening. There was a banana before leaving for Nick's and a 700 calorie pizza after Nick's. Maybe the calorie total for Wednesday was 2,500. Not bad considering the circumstances, so maybe "neutral" is valid considering all of the good decisions made. Still, 2,500 calories is a number that isn't helping me lose weight. That's the bottom line. I'm trying to lose weight and yesterday wasn't an effort that pushed me further in that direction. If this was sports, we could call yesterday a moral victory which is a nice term for a loss. Yesterday was a moral victory for my dieting, but it still was negative in regards to achieving my goal.

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