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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day 6--225.5 Pounds (2.5 lbs lost)

Two things have become obvious to me recently:

1) My setpoint is no longer 222 pounds. My body didn't rush to get back to that level after my trip to Dallas and who could blame it. While I have no exact number, there have been multiple times this fall where stretches of no exercise of the body or willpower have bumped my weight several pounds higher than that 222 mark. Each time the weight would fall back to 222, not because of great dieting days on my part, but mostly because that's what my internal mechanism wanted. It's not surprising that my internal weight thermostat got bumped up a few pounds and it looks like it might take a couple of weeks to get back to the 222 pound level.

2) I'm in the worst shape of my life. My entire life, not just my adult life. Even as a fat little kid I could get out and run and play. I might have been the least athletic on the field, but at least I could play. This morning I was sore from walking 3 miles Friday morning and 40 minutes Saturday night. Walking at a slow pace makes me feel like I've been in some tough, physical sports competition. I guess standing and taking photographs for over two hours Friday night added to the soreness, but basically my general fitness is just pathetic. My fitness level has dropped to the point where it's hard to even do the basic first steps on the road back to fitness. I'm starting to doubt that I'll every get back to anywhere near being fit, not as long as I'm putting so much time into other things.

Last thing before I switch over to that primary "other thing" for the rest of the day. The labels of "Positive" and "Negative" seemed like a good idea except that most days seem to fall into a gray area. Ever day so far could have been better. Every day so far I've said no to a lot of impulses that would have greatly hurt my weight loss efforts. So, while I like the labels as somewhat of a "gold star" to shoot for each day, I'm dropping the labels because it's too hard to determine positive and negative. Right now I'm just trying to get my life to the end of November when there will be some breathing room. Maybe not breathing room, but time to spend on digging out from everything that has piled up around me. Those things weigh me down as much as the excessive fat stored all over my body.


  1. Frank, at least you're walking. Physical activity, as you well know, is key. I'm making the shift from obese, to plain ol' overweight--because of my one hour of physical activity five days a week.
    I never thought losing weight would be such a battle!(I guess the older one gets...)


  2. You know Alan, with the levels used for overweight and obese these days, getting into the overweight category is actually a nice accomplishment. A third of American adults are in the obese level--that includes me--and what a wonderful health boost it would be to the country if all of those folks simply dropped back down to overweight.

    If you want to talk about overhauling the health care system, why don't we more aggressively deal with the weight problem in this country?