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Monday, November 16, 2009

Officially Back to the Beginning

Astute and long time blog readers will remember that I started blogging when my weight was 225 pounds. That was in late February of 2006. However, you might also remember my mentioning that my weight was actually 230 pounds prior to that and the blogging didn't start until 5 pounds were successfully lost.

Sunday morning I weighed 230 pounds. Not surprising coming on the heels of staying up all night Thursday and then going to a football team supper after the game Saturday. Today the weight was down to 228.5 and maybe a few more pounds will come off rather easily, but there's no doubt that I'm all the way back to where things started about 4 years ago.

A few things have changed for the worse since that time. First, my exercise level has dropped to zero compared to some tennis and maybe a little bit of jogging in 2006. The second big change is that I'm 4 years older. That makes it a little harder to take off the weight and it makes me closer to the time when various ailments of the elderly will start popping up. I'm really at the 11th hour of dieting if my goal for losing weight it to lower my risk of a wide variety of diseases. And the last big change is that I'm no longer quite as embarrassed about my weight. That's a bad thing. This notion that one should be comfortable with who you are is a bad thing if you are a person who is 20 pounds into the obesity category. This isn't about feeling good about yourself, it's about being healthy and making the journey through life easier.

Of course, the reality is that overweight people are viewed as less attractive and maybe viewed as lazy or lacking in willpower or whatever. That is what it is, and it is another reason or motivation to work on losing weight. Speaking as a fat person, I do think my extra weight makes me less attractive and it is a result of lack of exercise and lack of willpower. We are not suppose to point these things out to overweight people because that is being insensitive, but I guess it is okay to admit the realities of my life. In a lot of ways, this extra weight is a burden on my life and the responsibility for putting it on and taking it off rest solely on me. The nature of our society and the abundance of fast food restaurants and empty calorie treats all make the job tougher, but the responsibility ultimately rests entirely on my shoulders.

What am I going to do going forward? One of the things I strongly considered was to quit blogging about trying to lose weight. The blogging was great at first and now it seems to be a monument to my failed plans and inability to stay focused for more than a few days at a time. There was a great temptation to go into the Blogger setup yesterday and with a click of the "Delete" button followed by a click of the "Yes I'm sure" option, this blog would be gone. Seeing as how I'm totally back to where I started, it seemed like an potentially appropriate thing to do. However, it just didn't feel right to delete so much work even if it has been spotty at best.

Instead of deleting the blog, I'll wait and see how I feel about the blogging. It seems unlikely that I'll get back to daily posts here, but I might give progress reports periodically. Or I may just give those reports on the main blog. We'll see.

On the weight loss front, last night's supper was just vegetables and oatmeal will now replace the hot pockets for breakfast. The photo project will soon fall back to a manageable pace and there will be no excuse for failing to walk. I'm not sure that the photo project is a valid excuse for not walking, but now I can't fall back on that as justification for inactivity. It all comes down to eating less, eating better, and being more active. These are things I can do and now we'll see if I can live up to that responsibility to myself.

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